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Pail is a leading company in producing interior doors and wooden, woodenaluminium, aluminium and PVC windows. One productive world that has more than 200 subordinates shared on four factories, on about 100.000 mq surface (45.000 mq covered surface). Every year Pail makes out 75.000 internal doors, 15.000 external windows, semi-manufactured and wooden components, for home and foreign market.
This is a story about a small world, that began 50 years ago when Amerigo Pellegrini, young carpenter, started a craftmade lab on just 100 mq, in order to produce wooden doors and windows. Nowadays Amerigo Pellegrini is the President of the Pail Serramenti, a company that has been able to evolve in an industrial way, thanks to a deep knowledge of wood, thanks to respect for old work-techniques and steady research to technological innovation. Sandro, Fausto, Paolo and Emanuela Pellegrini stay by their father, managing this big Company.
  Sanrafael Doors offers a different solution to create unique spaces at home.
Sanrafael Doors is a nationwide landmark of interior doors’ market that has been established considering new innovation values with the greatestvariety of products and services in the Spanish market and, mainly, based onthe confidence deposited by our clients and our broad human team made up of 250 professionals.
Let yourself be seduced by the attention that we put to details in order to offer you different solutions, adapted to your needs and requirements, through innovative designs and better finishes.
Give your confidence to the key that make us different: our human team. They put passion in their work and give the best of themselves in everything that they do, putting attention to each detail.
For that reason Sanrafael Doors can offer 
solutions of great diversity, permanent innovation and added value for your home to its clients.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to our collections. Spend a few minutes with us and you will confirm the beauty, variety and different attention of Sanrafael Doors.


 Since 1987, Ghizzi & Benatti has been building interior doors with an exclusive and personal design, placing great emphasis on style and attention to details.

 This results in inimitable products that express the authentic world-wide recognised Italian lifestyle thanks to which "Made in Italy" has become synonymous with the highest quality. A quality that is represented in Ghizzi & Benatti doors by real natural wood veneer, softly rounded solid wood edges, saten-look varnishing and impeccable lacquering.

New Design Porte
Solid wood doors Handmade in Italy by experienced masters of art.

New Design Porte

 The New Design Porte was founded in 1996 by persons with extensive experience in the furniture and interior door construction sector, where they utilised the same wood taste and knowledge typical of furniture makers.

 The New Design Porte product is the only one of its kind and is easily distinguished from the numerous and often imprecise imitations flooding the market.

 New Design Porte is able to create designs in close cooperation with our customers, offering an interior architecture consultancy service to best meet their needs.
In addition, we carry out all types of processing, including custom-tailored to meet requests, even the most particular.
Service that is made possible by the very flexible organisation of our company.