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Enviromental Awareness
Golden Door protects the environment by assessing its raw materials and using only environmentally certified materials.

The wood used is certified as not containing formaldehyde, a substance that is carcinogenic for humans. Furthermore, our wood dyes are water-soluble, to ensure they do not contain solvents harmful to user health.

Another important certification is ISO 9001, which ensures the consistency of the manufacturing process and the company's commitment to the continuous improvement of its organisation, for its own and consumers' benefit.

Study at the National Technical University
The study conducted at the National Technical University on GOLDEN DOOR doors specifies the high quality of the product as regards the door's durability and rigidity. The results of this study were presented with great success at a European conference.


Certified safety in class 4 (hinged door) and class 3 (pivot door)

Following the European certification standards, GOLDEN DOOR certifies the safety of its products in class 4 for hinged doors & class 3 for pivot doors respectively. This certification evaluates the behaviour of the door when subjected to static loading and then to manual burglary attempts.

It demonstrates the high security provided by each GOLDEN DOOR security door, according to the European regulation UNI ENV 1628/1630 - UNIENV 1627.

*When selecting a security door, product certification is a very important criterion. The certification granted confirms that its quality meets the standards set by the European Union, helping consumers to choose the right product.

CE Energy certifications (air and water permeability, and resistance to wind load)

GOLDEN DOOR provides CE energy certifications for external doors, exposed to weather conditions, which refer to: air permeability - class 4, water permeability - class 8A and resistance to wind load class C5, according to standards EN 1026 & UNI EN 12207, EN 1027 & UNI EN 12208 and EN 12211 & UNI EN 12210. This certification assesses the behaviour of the door under extreme weather conditions such as high wind load and heavy rain.

Acoustic insulation

GOLDEN DOOR provides a high level of acoustic insulation, at 42dB, in accordance with the certification made pursuant to standards UNI EN ISO 140-3 & UNI EN ISO 717-1.

Thermal conductivity

GOLDEN DOOR has conducted a thermal energy measurement for its products, setting the thermal conductivity coefficient (U) that determines the door's heat losses, in accordance with regulation EN 14351-1:2006.

The lower the coefficient, the smaller the heat loss. After measurements at the AUTH, their thermal conductivity coefficient was found to be Ust=2.06 W/(m2 * K).

Fire resistance certification

Golden Door certifies specific door types regarding fire resistance, according to British Standards EN 1634-01, EN 1363.01 & EN 1363.03. The certification is conducted by the English Institute IFCC.
IFC Certification


Patented door frame
The GOLDEN DOOR frame is a closed type metal frame, patented with patent number 1004810. Unlike open type frames, the GOLDEN DOOR frame is superior, as the perimeter pins (fixed & mobile) of the door are impossible to locate and breach, thanks to the door frame's closed shape. Furthermore it offers antiseismic protection, as it can withstand heavy loads without the slightest deformation in case of earthquakes. Its automated construction, using a cutting-edge CNC roller, offers consistent quality of high standards. All parts of the frame are galvanised to avoid oxidation and are coated with electrostatic paint for maximum tightness. The ledges are fixed perfectly onto the frame, in order to avoid the use of screws. A study carried out at the National Technical University confirms the durability of the security door. Using a 3D parametric model of the door and frame, loads were applied at various points and the deformations caused on the door were studied. The conclusions from the above analysis demonstrate that there is no risk of breakage at any point of the structure.

Patented hidden hinge

The GOLDEN DOOR hidden hinge is patented with patent number 1007375. It is exclusively designed for armoured doors, aiming at an enhanced aesthetic effect. On its inner side, the door is flush with the wall, since this is a recessed hinge. Its manufacturing features allow it to be adjusted in both height and width. At the same time, the internal bearings of the hidden hinge allow the door to slide easily and open smoothly, while the strength of each hinge is 1000kg, thus making it able to withstand heavy loads.


The written guarantee is a commitment that GOLDEN DOOR ensures its customers of the high quality of its products and their smooth operation over time. Therefore, it provides a written guarantee, together with maintenance instructions of your door.

GOLDEN DOOR designs and manufactures security doors in accordance with the standards of ISO 9001, ensuring consistent manufacturing quality at all stages of the production process.

Attention! All genuine Golden Door products are accompanied by a guarantee form.