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THERMOSECUR system has been invented, developed and patented by German manufacturer NOBLESSE, who is the only manufacturer of the most superior door system in the market.

The THERMOSECUR properties in terms of deflection (No thermal deflection as with aluminum), insulation, protection, tightness to wind etc. are far, very far superior to those of Aluminum doors in general. They are the same weight or even heavier, more solid, look and feel exactly like a heavy wooden door, even better, are WK2 security certified and have by far best thermal insulation in the market!

·         Totally Maintenance free, combination of high-tech composite materials, SMC technology (car industry).
·         Thermal insulation: BELOW 0, 8. below low energy standard. Model “Rotterdam” for example has a U-Value of   unheard 0, 49.
·         UD values from as low as 0, 49 to 0.78, which is sensational.
·         Tested to a wind load of unbelievable 2000 PCAL. Highest classification.
·         80mm frame, 86mm door leaf.
·         Triple glazing in 77mm!
·         WK2 certificate (against burglary), 5-point-locking, 3 Roller hinges, 3D-adjustable, 2x8mm P4A security glass   etc. etc…
·         All doors come up to 1200mm wide and 2350mm high without surcharge!!!
·         Locking Systems: GU, Gretsch-Unitas Security Automatic or 5-Point Mechanical with Electric Door Opener (Buzzer), All Made in Germany.
·         Roller Hinges, 3-D adjustable from Anuba, Germany.
·         All Handles made in Germany, Handles containing Wood do not feature any tropical woods, but only woods from European sources.
·         THERMOSECURE doors are always “all in”, RAL Color of choice, max measurements (All doors come up to 1200mm wide and 2350mm high without surcharge), multipoint locking system, everything included as standard. “Komfort-Paket” Includes latest fingerprint Scanner Technology as well as Motorized 5-Point lock.
·         Fixed price system is easy. There are only 5 (!) prices groups for all designs, and 4 extra “packages”. Price Quote is made in 5 seconds.